Our Mission

We now live in a world of information abundance, where the main problem is sifting through the noise and discovering the stuff you actually care about. For instance, if I care about knowing when the next SpaceX livestream launch is because I like to watch it with my kids, or if the car I bought two years ago has had a recall, or if a company I'm interested in announces it's opening a new office where I live, or if there's a music festival coming to my town, how do I know to look for that?

Google is a wonderful tool for explicitly searching for something you already know you want to know. Facebook is a wonderful tool for seeing stuff your friends are sharing, but it's dominated by personal stuff (somebody else’s baby pictures), and generic content in your filter bubble. Twitter is a wonderful tool for seeing what celebrities and authority figures care about, but it's hard to use to track topics you care about. The foundation of social media in general is that of a rumor mill, there is little quality control over the source of content.

We founded Laserlike because we believe there is a massive product that the world is missing. It understands all of the topics you are interested in. It constantly processes all of the world's information in order to deliver that knowledge to you when it's most important. It connects you to other people who share the same interests but doesn't lock you into a friend filter bubble. It selects information from the best and most credible sources you care about rather than those optimized for “engagement” in our social network.


Get To Know Us

Our team is passionate about building amazing products for a global audience. We're a friendly, diverse and driven company, with a culture built on open communication, collaboration, individual wellness and performance. We're growing, too — come work with us!


Meet the Team




Srinivasan Venkatachary   
CTO & Co-founder


Anand Shukla
Chief Architect & Co-founder


Steve Baker
Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder






Mike Speiser
Managing Director at Sutter Hill

Satish Dharmaraj
Partner at Redpoint