Laserlike Channels

Find the best content from across the web

Target what matters to you, or to your audience

Discover great stories to Tweet, post, and share

A powerful content tool for any topic, niche, or community


What is a channel?

A channel is a custom feed of content, created around any topic or purpose, that you control. 
Laserlike keeps your channel up to date for you, delivering fresh and relevant content from across the web. It’s like a smart playlist of content!
Discover the best stories to read, to share with your audience, or invite people to directly follow your channel in Laserlike.


How does it work?

Create your channel. It can be anything you want — “Bitcoin News” “Bay Area Startups” “Travel Inspiration” “John Smith’s Photography Channel” etc etc. 

Use Laserlike search to automatically fill your channel with the best content. Laserlike can search for anything — “biotech startup news” “vegan recipes” “paris travel tips” “parenting advice” “AAPL price”. 

That’s it! Laserlike will continually keep your channel fresh with the best content. Tweet, post, and share, or invite people to follow your channel.


How to get started

Download the Laserlike app on the App Store or Google Play. It’s free.

On your Laserlike profile, tap ‘Create Channel’, and follow the steps!


We're here to help

We’re ready to answer questions, offer advice, and give hands-on help to make your channel great.