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Hello! We're Laserlike

Our core mission is to deliver high quality information and diverse perspectives on any topic from the entire web to you.


We've built a web scale content search, discovery and personalization platform using advanced machine learning.

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Laserlike App

Your interest search engine. Follow the topics you care about, with news, web, video, local, and more. Powerful content search brings you the full perspective in a feed you can control. Never miss what matters, with timely, relevant updates for your interests.

Download the app on Google Play or iOS App Store

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Advance by Firefox
Powered by Laserlike

Discover fresh stories and new perspectives as you browse the web. Using advanced search, we’ll find the best content from across the web, and bring you more to explore based on the sites you visit. Read more on the official Firefox blog.

Get Advance by Firefox on the Test Pilot site

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Magic Alerts

Be first to know about the content that matters to you, with magic email digests and SMS alerts about any topic. Using Laserlike search, we continually monitor the entire web for you, and deliver updates about the best new content, when and how you want it.

Visit magic.laserlike.com


Laserlike Labs

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Laserlike Fresh Search

A unique content search experience, built on the latest Laserlike technology. Start with a query, and we’ll find timely and relevant content and conversations from across the entire web.

Try it at fresh.laserlike.com

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Interest Explorer

Explore the infinite dimensions of search in an entirely new way. Using advanced machine learning and interest space modeling, discover and explore the topics and content that emerge from any search.

Coming Soon...


Messenger Bot

Discover content you care about in a fun, convenient way with the Laserlike Bot for Facebook Messenger. Tell the Bot which topics interest you, and it will monitor the web and send you the best content it finds.

Try the bot in Facebook Messenger