Growth Hacker

Location : Mountain View

As a Growth Hacker you'll manage the agile stories that the teams are working on, working to ensure that all the right features are being delivered at the right time. You'll be responsible for suggesting ways to improve, redirection and grow the product offering including working with partners to see what they need to be able to sustain growth. 

You'll also be responsible for ensuring analytics are reporting the right key metrics so that we can continue to implement a validated learning model. As a Growth Hacker you'll be required to be insanely focused on increasing the virial coefficient of the App and increasing engagement (& re-engagement) of our users. 



  • Must have experience in Mobile App Experience as Product Manager.
  • Must have demonstrate-able experience in Growth Hacking and viral coefficient.
  • Must have experience at Mobile Analytics.
  • Should know how to write detailed user stories.